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Through the LIGHT, I freeze TIME

Authenticity, Soul Connections, and Deep Emotions

Welcome to my website, my name is Patricia Lynch, I am a photographer and photography is my life.

With my images, I love to tell the story of your Love, to show your Light, I love to make you feel at ease to have the most authentic story possible and create wonderful memories for you and all the people you love


My photography is inspired by:


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“The two of you just as you are,
nothing else”:
as unique and special as your love
in theadventureand emotion
of the best day of your lives.

Dolomites adventure elopement photographer Italy


Elopement Adventures – Crafting Your Intimate Love Story

Join us in discovering how your elopement can be a beautiful, brave, and empowering adventure, perfectly captured to reflect your unique journey of Love 

In Italy and Worldwide

Dolomites adventure elopement photographer Italy
photography service
photography service

We two

Engagement & Proposals

Your love story
in the golden evening light, maybe under the porticoes of the city where you met
or in the place
where you’ve always dreamed of being.

photography service in a gondola

“In the great beauty”
Your Italy Destination Wedding

Large or small, there’s no Italian city
that doesn’t contain important artistic treasures. Beauty is everywhere in our country, and it’s been with us from childhood.
In our squares, palaces, churches, monuments and the people meeting in for coffee.
And a little further away, the backdrop: the Alpine scenery of the Apennines, or the horizon of the sea.

From Venice to Verona, Amalfi to Florence, follow your map and compass,
and I’ll come with you among the “grande bellezza”
to tell of your love story in Italy.

I’ll listen, organise and accompany:
I’ll always be at your side

It all begins with a dream
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Tell me about
your dream

Here we are, it’s our first meeting. Tell me about your dream and your ideas,
because we have a wonderful story
to write together.

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Show me
the place where your heart is

All lovers have
a place of the heart.
We’ll go there together,
and something will emerge that will be exclusively yours .

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Let’s organise

I have a creative mind
but my job has taught me to be practical. Professional photography demands a thousand details
And everything has to be planned.

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It’s your day.

I won’t ask you for
conventional poses or actions;
for me,wedding photography
is about small details
and boundless emotions.

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Allora, qual è il tuo sogno?

photography services

Patricia Lynch

Venice, ITALY


[+39] 329 176 47 72

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photography services
photography services
photography services
photography services
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