I love to show you as mums and as women with all your power and femininity, each with your own approach and your own personality.
Elegance, femininity, power:
you’ll find these in my images, for the best version of yourself. 

In more detail: pregnancy sessions usually happen between the 26th and the 34th week of your nine months.
It’s best to schedule the appointment a couple of months in advance. Everything begins with a consultation by phone in which we discuss your wishes.
If you have a favourite garment, bring it with you, but you’ll find everything else in the studio.
Pregnancy photos also include shots with Dad and brothers/sisters.
A make-up artist can make you feel even more wonderful; it’s not obligatory, but highly recommended for the best results. In addition to the high-resolution images, you’ll also receive a fine art print so you can display the magic we create together.

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So, what is your dream?
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Pregnancy photography service

Patricia Lynch


Pregnancy photography service
Pregnancy photography service
Pregnancy photography service
Pregnancy photography service
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