album matrimonio
album matrimonio

Grazie a tutti :- )

Ricordo tutti i miei lavori, le lunghe chiacchierate con voi, i vostri sguardi, le attese e la complicità.
Ogni servizio fotografico è davvero un’avventura carica di emozioni da condividere,
una piccola grande storia da scrivere insieme.  

album matrimonio

che bello essere stata in viaggio
con voi:

album matrimonio

Debora & Daniel

” Patricia is just an incredible artist and woman!! She understood our desire since the beginning just with a simple phone call as we living abroad! She helped supported us and guys…you have to see the results of what she did our picture are just a dream a movie! We love you Patricia!”

Engagement photo Tuscany

Mari & Giacomo

We loved working with Patricia and are so happy with our engagement photos! It was clear Patricia put a lot of time, thought, and artistic vision into selecting the perfect locations for the shoot ahead of time. We were both a little nervous about being photographed, but Patricia made us feel comfortable right away. She created an environment where we could just focus on each other, having fun, and enjoying the moment without worrying about the camera. The photos turned out beautifully – Patricia did an amazing job of capturing our joy and the love we have for each other. We would recommend Patricia to anyone looking for romantic engagement photos they’ll treasure forever!

album matrimonio


Quello che ci ha conquistato di Patricia è stata soprattutto la sua dolcezza e simpatia oltre la sua professionalità
Patricia ci ha messo subito a nostro agio, abbiamo instaurato fin da subito un rapporto di amicizia, come se la conoscessimo da sempre! Così facendo permette di essere più naturali e spontanei davanti all’obiettivo garantendo un’esperienza unica e allo stesso tempo divertente.
Scegliere Patricia nel vostro giorno è una garanzia! Non ne rimarrete di certo delusi ma conserverete nel cuore il ricordo di una bellissima giornata indimenticabile!
Grazie Patricia!

album matrimonio

Elena e Luca

Abbiamo passato una giornata in montagna ed è stata un’esperienza bellissima. Patricia è riuscita a metterci a nostro agio fin da subito ed è stato divertente, la giornata è volata!
È davvero simpatica ed empatica e siamo rimasti soddisfatti dalle foto, ha fatto un lavoro meraviglioso!

destination wedding photographer

Michelle & Otto

Preserving Timeless Memories: A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Wedding Photographer

Today, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible work of Patricia Lynch.

From the moment we met Patricia, her warm and genuine demeanor put us at ease. Her professionalism and passion for her art were evident from the start. She not only took the time to listen attentively, getting to know our story, our vision, and the emotions we wished to capture on our special day, she also made us feel valued and understood, creating a strong foundation of trust.

On the day of our wedding, Patricia was an absolute dream to work with. She seamlessly blended into the background, allowing us to savor every moment without feeling intruded upon. Her keen eye for detail captured the essence of the day—every loving glance, every heartfelt embrace, and every tear of joy was beautifully immortalized. 

The photographs evoke such genuine emotions that we find ourselves laughing and crying every time we revisit them. It’s as if Patricia had a sixth sense, always present at the precise moment to preserve the essence of love in each frame.

Moreover, Patricia was not just a vendor, but a friend throughout the entire process. Her genuine enthusiasm and warm personality made us feel like we were collaborating with someone who genuinely cared about our happiness. She went above and beyond, accommodating our requests, and making sure every aspect of our photography experience was perfect.

To our incredible wedding photographer, we cannot thank you enough for the precious gift you have given us. You have captured the joy and love of our special day in a way that words cannot express. Your artistry and passion shine through in every photograph, reminding us of the profound beauty that lies within love and human connection. We are forever grateful for your talent and the memories you have preserved for us.

If you are searching for a wedding photographer who possesses both technical expertise and a genuine love for their craft, look no further. This remarkable artist will turn your wedding day into an everlasting masterpiece. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional who can capture the true essence of love and create timeless memories.

album matrimonio


Ringrazio Patricia perché nonostante non abbia mai posato su un set fotografico ha reso tutto il più naturale possibile.
Porterò con me per sempre il ricordo di una gravidanza bellissima con degli scatti stupendi dati dalla grandissima professionalità di Patricia.

album matrimonio

Gloria & David

We are still to this day absolutely blown away with how our wedding day went. It was more perfect than we could have imagined.

From the first zoom meeting all the way to the wedding day, Patricia was fantastic. She always understood what we were thinking and was always on top of everything as the planning went on. Even tho we planned our wedding from the other side of the world, Patrica and her team made everything easy and smooth.

She is well known and highly recommended by everyone in the industry and was one of the best choices we made for the wedding.

We also used Patricia‘s photography services which perfectly completed the whole experience for us.
As she already had gotten to know us, she was able to capture all the great moments just right. We are in the process of putting together with her, a hard copy album and can’t wait for the finished book to cherish forever.

Patricia‘s packages offered are very competitive and her and her team are very professional while being warm and friendly.

Grazie mille Patricia, we will never forget our special day thanks to you and your team”.

Destination wedding elopement - Malcesine - Garda Lake - Italy

J & L

Better Than a Dream❤

Patricia is so kind and professional.
She really catches your natural vibes, beauty, expressions and emotions.
She made my day the perfect day,better than a Dream❤
Thank you so much Patricia!❤
Forever grateful for what you did for me and my husband”.

album matrimonio

Georgia & Andrea

Un grazie di cuore a Patricia Lynch che ha saputo cogliere con la sua professionalità e disponibilità i momenti più salienti del nostro matrimonio… Momenti raccolti con dedizione e passione per il proprio lavoro. Foto catturate non solo con creatività ma con il cuore…grazie Andrea & Georgia”

album matrimonio


We cannot recommend Patricia enough! She was very easy to work with and made us feel comfortable right away. She captured our relationship beautifully and we are so grateful to have these amazing engagement photos forever. We will definitely be booking her again, thank you Patricia!

album matrimonio

Alice & Luca

Patricia è una persona fantastica di una dolcezza unica! Professionale e seria nel suo lavoro ma allo stesso tempo amichevole e grintosa! Sa tirare fuori il meglio di te e i suoi scatti riescono ad immortalare momenti magici….che rimarranno per sempre impressi nel cuore delle persone che si affidano a lei!!

album matrimonio


Consiglio Patricia, super professionale, sa mettere a proprio agio e sa cogliere i dettagli.Durante il servizio ci siamo super divertiti, e il tempo è volato! Si vede che ci mette passione e amore nel suo lavoro e lo ha trasmesso nei nostri scatti, non potevamo chiedere di meglio! Grazie di cuore!❤️

album matrimonio


“Semplicemente fantastica!
Non posso che consigliarla a tutti coloro che vogliono catturare un pezzo della loro vita, immortalandolo in una fotografia. Riesce a catturare tutte le parole non dette, in un solo scatto. È attenta ai particolari e sa rendere ogni foto unica.“

album matrimonio

Elena e Roberto

Vorrei ringraziare Patricia, non solo per le foto meravigliose, perché davvero le foto scattate sono stupende, ma per le emozioni che ha saputo farci vivere in quei momenti e per averle immortalate in ogni suo scatto!
Momenti che posso rivivere ogni volta che guardo quelle foto!!!
album matrimonio

Ellaie & Jason

Amazing photos & Special Memories

I can’t figure out how to express how lucky I was to find Patricia for our elopement reportage photos. The owner of the sailboat we hired suggested a few names, and I fell in love with Patricia’s style on seeing her website.

When I look at the shots, I’ve had my breath taken away, I’ve cried, I’ve felt the connection between me and my new husband jump out of the page, an amazing job of capturing amazing memories. I can’t stop looking! And I’ve been able to put together an amazing story to share the surprise news with friends and family without words!

We are neither of us often infront of the camera and could have made for nervous subjects in the wrong hands. But Patricia and team made us so comfortable from the moment they arrived, creating an amazing atmosphere and a very relaxed and memorable day alongside us. They were sweet, kind, reassuring, funny, and a massive help in having a smooth day.

The team created an environment where we could just focus on each other, having fun, and enjoying the moment without worrying about the camera.
Working to organise with Patricia before the day was a breeze, easily available to chat with, no question too much! And it was lovely to have early previews of the photos next day, and saw our full online gallery only 10 days after.

Grazie, Patricia… wouldn’t have been the same without you”

album matrimonio


“Ho avuto l’occasione di passare una mattina con Patricia per il servizio fotografico Maternity. Il lavoro che ha fatto é stato impeccabile, tutto personalizzato, dai capelli, al make-up, alla cura dei dettagli durante il servizio. Mi sono sentita coccolata e a mio agio! Patricia ha talento e passione per il suo lavoro, lo confermano i suoi scatti ❤️”

album matrimonio


Professionale, gentile, disponibile e paziente! È stata un’esperienza bellissima farci fotografare con nostra bimba da lei! Ha immortalato momenti unici e emozionanti!
La ringrazierò sempre per le meravigliose foto che ci ha fatto! Davvero bravissima!

album matrimonio


Sentirsi a proprio agio e belle come non mai. Questo è quanto ho provato durante la sessione maternity con Patricia. La delicatezza e la magia dei suoi scatti sono sorprendenti, e la capacità di coinvolgere tutta la famiglia una dote non scontata. Rifarei questo shooting altre mille volte!

album matrimonio


Patricia makes people’s dreams come true

It’s amazing how Patricia understood what I wanted. It was a truly unique experience for me. Patricia is a professional, she takes extreme care of every detail and knows how to make people’s dreams come true, creating true works of art.

album matrimonio
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