About me

Nov 30, 2023

Hello! This is me!

Discover a world where photography transcends the ordinary, where each frame is a celebration of light, freedom, family, art, nature, adventure, and travel.

This is my world, where it’s not just about capturing moments, but the story behind it, the unspoken words, and the unseen glances.. Through photography I can freeze time, allowing the dance of light and emotion to play out in a symphony of colors; Art that connects dreams with reality, blending the vibrant strokes of a magical brush.

Living in Italy, my heart and camera stretch across the globe, capturing diverse stories and landscapes, for my photography is more than a service, it’s a connection, a window to the world, and a tapestry of life’s most profound moments. I am ready for the next amazing experience, that will bring Your story to life in the most vivid and heartfelt way. I am Patricia Lynch …a destination wedding photographer, I live in Italy but my heart and camera reach out to the entire world.

With Love,


Credit video: @simonerigamontivideomaker

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