wedding photographer
wedding photographer

A look,
more than anything else

It really is true: a look can encapsulate all the power of a photograph.
Everything I need is in a look: simplicity, sincerity and passion; but to capture them I need to be in tune with you,
make you feel comfortable and share your adventure.

wedding photographer

A great little journey with you:
from studio session
to sunset over the Alps,
via the Grand Canal

Whether it’s long or short, there’s nothing nicer than dreaming up a journey and then sharing it.
It doesn’t matter how far we go, the important thing is creating and writing a wonderful story together,
a story that will be lovely to read again in the years to come.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer

Four fabulous chapters
to narrate with you

wedding photographer


wedding photographer

We Two

wedding photographer


wedding photographer


wedding photographer

Marvellous Italy:
let’s go to your favourite places


wedding photographer

Together we’ll seek out Italy’s wonders, places that are waiting to be the backdrop for your event.
As well as being a genuine open-air museum, Italy is an endless store of natural treasures and stunning scenery:
from the Dolomites to the Amalfi coast, a myriad of cities and small towns
set in the beautiful Italian countryside are waiting to be visited.

wedding photographer

What I can do
for you

My experience as an event planner is at your disposal to plan the trip and its timings, requirements and details,
for a photography adventure in the places you love.
I’ll take care of all the details, from travel to logistics, make-up to the essentials for a moonlight toast.
But above all… I’ll think about how to make you feel good.

wedding photographer

I listen to you
we talk
we dream

wedding photographer

I plan
with you
your story

wedding photographer

I organise the shoot:
placements, timings
and requirements

wedding photographer

I’m with you
on your most
important day

Your day forever:
my album and my love for fine art printing

My work takes shape through the creation of fine art prints and an album which will be the precious keeper of your memories.
To do this I always want my images to be bright and warm, ready to come to life at any moment.

All my professional experience goes into creating your album; I oversee the printing process and assist you
in your choice of materials, because browsing an album is also asensory experience involving sight, touch, hearing and smell.

wedding photographer

I like


- How far in advance do I need to confirm with you?

wedding photographerThere are no rules here; let’s say the sooner the better!

- Can we arrange a video call as our preliminary meeting?

wedding photographerOf course!

- Do you work all over Italy?

wedding photographerYes

- How many photographers will there be on the day of the wedding?

wedding photographerI might be alone, or with a colleague. This gives more angles to the mood.

- Do you photograph the bride dressing before the ceremony?

wedding photographerOf course, that’s where the story starts.

- How long will it take to deliver the photos?

wedding photographerUsually three months, but it depends, sometimes it can be less.

- How many photos will you deliver?

wedding photographerThe minimum is 400 photos.

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So, what is your dream?
Write me

wedding photographer

Patricia Lynch


wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer
wedding photographer
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