I love spending time with youto feel and learn to capture the nuances of the looks you exchange, your hidden smiles, your hands gently touching.
The engagement service is not a classic fiancés shoot; I need to empathise with you, get to know you.
It all starts with a telephone consultation in which we find out what you’re looking for, and I’ll ask you more about your love story and your lifestyle.
The photos we take should be a genuine reflection of you, your passions, your way of being. You like the mountains, so let’s go there!
You’re keen on paragliding? I’ll go with you! Love pizza as much as I do? We’ll eat it together, and that’s where the best photos are often found.
I’ll help you work out how to organise this experience we’re going through together. We’ll think outside the box and create a story of true love and passion, with an adventure or simply strolling in the city you love.

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So, what is your dream?
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photos for fiancés

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photos for fiancés
photos for fiancés
photos for fiancés
photos for fiancés
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