Why Patricia Lynch?


Vi piace il mio stile fotografico?
Vi interessa molto la visione artistica e desiderate un servizio su misura e personalizzato?
Cercate benefici esperienziali?

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I believe that you, the client, and your cherished memories should be the focus of our collaboration. My primary goal is to provide you with timeless memories that reflect my distinctive style while honoring your individual preferences.
I meticulously seek to capture the essence of who you are, ensuring that the narrative we create together is authentic and meaningful. 


With my extensive experience in the wedding industry, I am deeply empathetic and dedicated to ensuring that every moment of your special day is as memorable as possible.

  • I will guide you. Even if you typically feel uneasy in front of a camera, I will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident during our session. I will encourage you, bring joy to the experience, and help you feel self-assured.
  • I work closely with each client to meticulously manage TIMING and DETAILS, creating an atmosphere of serenity and trust.


Condivisione senza sforzo dei momenti preziosi con parenti o amici lontani.

  • Stampa live delle foto di gruppo che farete con amici e parenti, sarà un apprezzatissimo cadeux da dare a fine matrimonio
  • Consegna delle foto tramite una gallery online privata con la quale potrete scaricare le foto in alta o bassa risoluzione (per i Social) e condividere alcune o tutte le foto con chi vorrete
  • Servizio di video con iPhone (per la cerimonia e altri momenti) per condividere sui Social o con parenti/amici lontani momenti unici e speciali – Non sostituisce il servizio videomaker che è un servizio completamente differente.


I want to instill tranquility and confidence in you. With my experience, I aim to create a fantastic and exclusive experience for you and with you.
– As an experienced photographer with my TEAM, I can assist you with your needs in Italy and thus create fantastic memories.
– For elopements, I will provide you with a GUIDE containing tips and specific information about the area in Italy you have chosen for your vows.


I know how eager you are to see your photos while the emotions are still fresh, so I usually deliver:
– a preview of 20 photos delivered within 7 days
– followed by the complete collection within 45 days


Eccellente risoluzione delle foto, perfettamente adatte per la stampa in grandi formati, garantendoVI che ogni momento sia preservato in tutta la sua splendore.


I always bring my drone with me, and if the opportunity arises, I am happy to capture some aerial photos to enrich the story from a different perspective.

Additionally, if you’re interested in video (which I highly recommend), I’m happy to introduce you to trusted collaborators with whom I work.

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Why Patricia Lynch?

Patricia Lynch



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Why Patricia Lynch?
Why Patricia Lynch?
Why Patricia Lynch?
Why Patricia Lynch?
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