I live in Italy but for you, I reach the World

I have always lived photography as a life choice because it is what makes me most free to express what I feel and what I see.
My imprinting came many years ago, when my eyes were enchanted by the lights of an early morning, the perfect ray reflected in a gaze, the expressions on the faces of passers-by. All the emotions I saw around me with my eyes, I wanted to capture them with a lens, I saw life in frames.

From that moment, I understood that my strong desire was to speak through light and emotions, yours.

Being a photographer has the great privilege of allowing me to meet ‘beautiful souls’. What I truly adore is being able to connect with you, to make you feel at ease, to create the right feeling together to generate incredible MEMORIES

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Photography the essence of me

  My early experience with lenses, films and camera obscura date back to my higher education in art. Subsequently, I’ve continued to combine my photography with studying. My degree in Economics of Art gave me a practical and analytical approach to the world of expression and beauty, and working as a wedding planner for more than 12 years, having had an atelier for wedding gowns, have taken me increasingly towards the field that has been my home for many years: marriage. I bring to my photography all my successes and life experience.

Through light and colour

  Photography is about writing and speaking using light, and light is the origin of all colour. It’s light that designs the scene, the atmosphere and the people: you always have to know how to read it, interpret it, but, more than anything, you have to know how to look for it. In fact, I could call myself a “light catcher”, because in photography, as in my life, I’ve always been on a quest for light, the kind of light that warms the heart.

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With my heart in Italy and eyes on the world

My roots are in America and Ireland, but I was born and brought up in Vicenza, a minor treasure chest of the Italian Renaissance that’s home to the architectural gems of Andrea Palladio, treasures that are the envy of the world, and which have always inspired me to look beyond the horizons of my beautiful city.


I’m Riccardo’s mom, a wonderful boy who’s 10!

I love pizza so much I could eat it every day

I have two adorable persian cats called Cookie & Cloe

I can spend hours watching the stars

I risk having an accident when I’m driving and I see the sunset

In another life, I would be an ice figure skater

I like Argentine tango

I love the sea, its smell and its sunsets

I’m unashamedly greedy

My favourite band is Coldplay (and I’d like to have dinner with Chris Martin)

One of my secret dreams is to become a singer (never say never)

I love learning new things (sometimes I need to stop)

When I have time I read books that can help me grow (I adore Robin Sharma)

I can never remember film titles

The first solo trip was to Brazil at 23 years old

Nature rejuvenates me

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So, what is your dream?
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